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Lipo Ex Now Available In Lake Worth Florida

Lipo Ex Specialists, Laser Skin Solutions,  located in Lake Worth, Florida, now offer a radio frequency  fat removal procedure called Lipo Ex.  Lipo-Ex™ is the next generation technology that offers an effective non-surgical, no downtime and painless treatment for Cellulite and Body Contouring. Lipo-Ex™ is a simple technique using bi-polar radio frequency to increase the body’s core temperature to dissolve fat cells without affecting any other structures in the body. In essence, it melts fat and eliminates it through the body’s natural elimination processes.

Lipo-Ex™ feels like a hot stone massage while it contours, shapes and slims the body. Many patients actually fall asleep during treatment.

 Lipo-Ex™ is the first technology to ever melt the unhealthy and dangerous visceral fat located behind the muscle wall. CT scans, body circumference and weight measurements confirm that Lipo-Ex™ offers a reduction of 2-3 inches and up to 10 lbs, in just 6-8 weekly treatments.

What Is Lipo EX? has recently add Lipo Ex as one of the many fat removal procedures being offered today. Lipo-Ex is a painless, non-surgical fat removal technique that uses bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy to heat up tissue and melt away the fat beneath the skin. The tissues are gently warmed and massaged and heated slowly and gradually, at a low temperature. The melted fat is removed by the body’s lymphatic system through natural processes of elimination. This non-invasive procedure is designed to safely increase your body’s core temperature just enough to dissolve fat cells without affecting any other structures in your body. It is done with no downtime and no recovery time.