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Laser Liposuction Doctor Uses Zerona Laser Scanner to Successfully Remove Fat

Thomas E. Young, M.D.

Thomas E. Young, M.D.

Laser liposuction and SmartLipo expert, Dr. Thomas E. Young of Young Medical Spa, has had  successful results using  Zerona to remove fat.

The Zerona Erchonia Laser Scanner uses five low level lasers to painlessly liquefy the fat cells in the abdomen and thighs without making a single incision.

“It will pass through the skin and hit the fat cell…it makes the fat cell open up a little bit,” said Dr. Thomas E. Young. “That lets the fat out and the body takes that liquid fat that came out of the fat cell and clears it out.”

Since the laser just “opens up” cells, Dr. Young says patients must undergo a post-op regimen that includes vitamins, increased water consumption, cardio exercise and a reduced-fat diet to get the best results.

Laser Liposuction Liquefies Fat. Watch Video

Dr. Young goes on to say that the procedure is only 80 percent effective. But Daneen Newsome is thrilled with her results. She went from a size 4 to a size 2 after undergoing the procedure.

“There is work on your end that you have to do, but if you do it, it’s well worth it,” Newsome said.

Still, not everyone is convinced. Dr. Eric Bernstein says he’s intrigued by the laser treatment, but that more research on their effectiveness needs to be done.

“I have yet to see a convincing peer reviewed controlled study demonstrating that it’s effective,” he said.

Zerona’s manufacturer says the treatment results in an average loss of 3.6 inches from the legs or buttocks. It costs about $2,500 for six sessions.

Thomas E. Young, MD is the owner and operator of Young Medical Spa located in the beautiful Saucon Valley area of the Lehigh Valley near Allentown Pennsylvania. contributed to this story.

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Laser Lipo Smartlipo Melts Fat & Tightens Skin-Photos-Video

Laser Liposuction has many brand names, such as Smartlipo, Vaser Lipo and more, but they all have one thing in common, they melt fat and tighten skin. If you’ve tried dieting and exercise, but parts of your body simply refused to lose the fat or tone up, then laser liposuction may be for you.

Laser Lipo is vaporizes fat by using a tiny laser tip probe that dissolves fat without the need to perform painful suctioning. The procedure is bloodless, allows skin retraction and is performed under local anesthesia. No stitches are required and therefore virtually no unsightly scars. Laser Lipo sculpts fat bulges such as eye bags, tummy, love handles, thighs, bra bulges, double chin, upper-arms and unsightly cellulite. Laser lipo can also remove excess fat in your face.

Laser Lipo/ SmartLipo Video

Laser Lipo Treats:

1) Extra fat in cheeks and jowls
2) Double chin
3) Remove extra fat in body
4) Tighten skin in any parts of body without surgery
5) Permanently decrease excessive sweating in arm pits.

Laser Lipo Before and After Photos

Laser lipo

Laser Lipo tummy

Find Doctors Who Offer Laser Lipo:

Gerald Butler Works Hard for His Body

Gerals Butler in great form

Gerals Butler in great form

Gerard Butler, star of the movies 300 and Gamers, looks like a natural to me. I believe that he has obtained his fat burning, ripped body by himself with hard work and diet.

However. it’s no secret that many men are turning to some form of cosmetic surgery to try to have a physique as perfect as Gerald Butler.

Two of the most common procedures for men wanting the “ripped” look are liposuction and male pec implants. With liposuction, a surgeon can remove excess fat using any number of technologies, including tumescent liposuction, laser liposuction such as SmartLipo.

Liposculpture is a cosmetic surgery technique used to define abdominal muscles. The procedure offers quick recovery with minimal swelling and downtime. The side effects and risks are minimal, but can include infection. It is best to consult with a qualified liposuction doctor.

Male pec implants offer a quick step to nicely-built pectoral muscles. This procedure is similar to breast implants in women, except that the male pec implant is a more solid silicone product. By design, the implant supplies a man’s chest with a masculine shape, firmness and size.

However, Male pec implant surgery carries some risk. Recovery can take as long as six weeks, and the patient can experience soreness and implant shifts, as well as risk infections. To minimize the chance of complications with any cosmetic surgery procedure, prospective patients should always look for a doctor who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

To me there is only one Gerald Butler, though. His personality and inner beauty as well as his phenomenal body make him the total package.

Did Kim Kardashian’s Sister Khloe Have Liposuction?

khloe weight lossKhloe Kardashian  has recently lost 20 pounds and looks fanatastic! However we are wondering  did she have liposuction to help her along?

Khloe says that she lost the 20 pounds by doing cardio exercises at least 30 minute a day and by watching what she eats.

Khloe recently told, “I try to do just 30 minutes of cardio, mandatory.”

“I eat whatever I want until noon. Then from noon on, I watch what I eat.”

The Kardashian family which includes Kim Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner have been very open about their plastic surgery in the past, so liposuction or laser liposuction (laser lipo) wouldn’t be out of the question. It could very well be that Khloe’s weight loss may be a result of both exercise and liposuction.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “It is hard to tell if Khloe Kardashian has slimed down due to natural weight loss or to liposuction. However, in either case, she needs to maintain good nutrition and have an aggressive exercise regimen to keep from putting the weight back on.”

Find information about fat removal procedures such as laser lipo, Smartlipo, lipdissolve and mesotherapy.

Smart Lipo – Using Laser Lipo For Fat Removal

smartlipoA unique procedure called Smart Lipo, a brand name for laser lipo, is different when compared to other fat removal procedures on the market today. The procedure is actually very simple and uses state of the art laser technology. Smart Lipo, also known as laser lipo, liquefies fat deposits which are then removed through a tiny pin point incision made by the cosmetic surgeon. A local anesthetic is used in the area. Smart Lipo is an FDA approved procedure that resuts in minimal bruising or swelling.

The patient must be 18 years of age or older and in good health in order to have the procedure. This type of procedure is not recommended for patients that are twenty five pounds or more over their ideal BMI (body mass index). Smart Lipo is aimed at people who have tried every diet under the sun, have exercised till they have dropped and still find it hard to reduce fat on those stubborn areas. Does this sound like you? If so then this procedure is perfect for you. Afterwards, it is recommended that you enhance the results by continuing your diet and exercise routine.

So where do you start? The answer is to visit, a Smart Lipo doctor and information site where one can search for laser lipo information and doctors. Here you can visit the doctor profile pages which link to their websites. After you find your nearest doctor, the next step is to set up a consultation. The consultation will give you the chance to find out exactly how you can be helped and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the procedure.

After the procedure, you will usually wait one or two days before you can go back to living your life normally. Depending on your doctor’s instructions, the bandages only have to be kept on for a week or two. You will also find that your skin begins to tighten around the areas that are treated (usually 6 weeks after treatment) unlike traditional liposuction where your skin can remain lax due to large volumes of fat being sucked out. With Smart Lipo this does not happen, because when liquidizing the fatty deposits the laser promotes the skin to repair itself, thus making the skin tighter.

Smartlipo costs are very competitive and average from around $2,000 for small areas to around $5,000 for larger areas. Combinations of areas are usually calculated at a slight discount. Compared to liposuction, Smart Lipo prices are generally thirty percent less than traditional liposuction and in some cases the results may be better.

Laser Liposuction – Is It Right For You?

Smart LipoPioneering minds have really opened up the market and produced an amazing safe way for people to enjoy the benefits of liposuction but without the down-time, pain, general anesthetic and cost. They have introduced to the world laser liposuction (also known as the brand name Smart Lipo). A laser is used at a certain frequency to liquefy the fat deposits in areas around your body that are prone to stubborn fat that is hard to remove. Then, under a local anesthetic, this liquid is removed from the area by a small needle which drains it away. The procedure is very painless and the reported results are astounding. Thousands of people are now able to lose weight without weeks of down-time. The total down-time for laser liposuction is usually 1 to 2 days. The bandages are only kept on for a week – possibly two, depending on your healing rate. This means that you are able to go back to work in record time. The cost of the procedure varies from clinic to clinic but on average it is up to 40% cheaper in some areas than the traditional form of liposuction being offered.

There are several places on the body that this treatment can be used including the stomach, hips, love handles, bottom, face, chin, neck, arms and even fat removal in the area commonly referred as “manboobs”. There are some limitations to those who can actually have this procedure done. It is advised that laser lipo should only be carried out on patients that are no more than approximately 25 to 35 lbs over their target recommended Body Mass Indexed (BMI) weight. It is designed and marketed to people who eat well and exercise often but still find that they cannot get rid of fat in stubborn areas. This procedure is perfectly suited for the person who already exercises and is aware that this is not a miracle treatment. It does require a healthy regimen to maintain the results achieved by the procedure.

The results achieved after the procedure will last as long as you allow it to last. If you gain weight significantly, then you will find that the problem will return so you have to make sure you maintain a healthy routine. People who are in bad health, who have kidney and liver problems, diabetes, heart issues, cancer, certain skin disorders and are 25 – 35 lbs overweight should not undergo laser liposuction.

Laser liposuction can remove fat within a thirty to forty minute session, with approximately two weeks between each session to allow time to heal. The number of sessions required will be determined by your doctor.

Smartlipo – How Smart Is This Laser Liposuction Procedure?

Smart Lipo, a brand name for laser liposuction, has become an extremely popular procedure that surgeons now use in their arsenal of fat removal techniques. Smartlipo has become popular among patients because it allows the surgeon to precisely sculpt the body. Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive laser lipo procedure which is almost always performed under local anesthesia, resulting in less bruising and minimal downtime following surgery. Smartlipo combines the use of the fiberoptic laser and small liposuction cannulas. Because the Smartlipo procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the patient can return to work and assume their daily activities usually the next day.

SmartLipo uses specialized laser technology to permanently remove fat cells in order to contour and reshape areas of the body including areas such as the abdomen, love handles, backs, thighs, hips, knees, arms, neck, and chin.

Smartlipo uses a very small fiberoptic laser, which leaves tiny, virtually invisible scars after surgery. Smartlipo also tightens the skin in addition to melting fat and it is the skin tightening that is what distinguishes Smartlipo from other traditional liposuction methods. When using traditional liposuction, removal of large amounts of fat can result in sagging skin. With Smartlipo, the specific laser wavelengths of light coagulate the blood vessels, so there is minimal bruising and swelling resulting in less risks for the patient and faster recovery time. Using Smartlipo also allows the skin to tighten after the excess fat is removed. The tightening will occur gradually over time, usually over 4- 6 weeks, resulting in smoother skin and a more sculpted appearance.

Many other features distinguish SmartLipo from traditional liposuction. These features include the patients comfort, the number of of visits required, recovery time and the amount of scarring and bruising. Traditional liposuction requires about seven days of down time after the procedure, uses general anesthesia which carries a high risk to the patient, the wearing of a compression garment for six weeks, stitches and can require additional surgery. SmartLipo, as opposed to traditional liposuction, uses local anesthesia,  requres only one to two days of down time, leaves virtually no scarring, requires no stitches and only two weeks for compression garments.

Please note that although SmartLipo is highly effective, it is only appropriate for patients wishing to lose small amounts of fat, usually not more than 8 pounds. If you have larger amounts of fat that need to be removed, SmartLipo will not provide the desired result you may be looking for. In cases where large amounts of fat need to be removed, traditional liposuction or an alternative method for weight loss is required.

How much does SmartLipo Cost? The average Smartlipo cost is usually in the range of $2,500 to $5,000 per area depending on the surgeon and can usually be performed in one office visit.

SmartLipo is not for everyone and only a consultation with a qualified surgeon can help you decide whether SmartLipo is right for you.

Boston Smart Lipo & Vaser Lipo Expert Dr. Dave David Joins welcomes Dr. Dave David of Medical Face & Body Aesthetics, located in Dedham, Massachussetts.  Dr. Dave is a physician and surgeon who has over 30 years experience having trained with  Dr. Pierre Fournier in Paris and Dr. Giorgio Fischer in Rome (the two pioneers in the field of liposuction surgery) in the mid 1980’s.  Additonally, he was personally taught the art by the renowned Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Elam, who has to his credit  the surgical makeovers of many of the most well known Hollywood celebrities.  Around this time, Dr. David became certified in liposuction and joined the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and The American Liposuction Surgery Society (of which Dr. Elam was president, at the time).

Dr David is an expert in Smart Lipo and VASER lipo, two very popular procedures offered by doctors listed at  Now patients looking for Smart Lipo & Vaser Lipo in Boston can view Dr. David’s profile at Get Meso..

Medical Face and Body Aesthetics offers also offers very specific non-surgical solutions to very specific areas of concern about your face and body. View a video of Dr David discussing non surgical procedures such as mesotherapy and lipodissolve.

LipoBodySculpture of Houston Announces New Location

LipoBodySculpture of Houston – experts in Smartlipo, VASER lipo, and mesotherapy – have announced the opening of a new location, providing the perfect locale for both men and women in the Houston area looking to dramatically sculpt their bodies – without dramatic surgery.

Dr. Raul Rodriguez of LipBodySculpture of Houston and his expert staff who specialize in Smart Lipo, VASER Lipo, and mesotherapy are pleased to announce the opening of their doors at a new location – 546 Waugh Drive, Houston, Texas. Houston residents as well as out of town patients now have equal access to some of the country’s most advanced body fat sculpting services in a quaint and tranquil setting that will literally make one stop and take a deep, relaxing breath.

The expertise of Dr. Rodriguez and his staff combines over 20 years of surgical experience and the advanced laser lipolysis technologies of Smartlipo as well as VASER Lipo. While most people are familiar with traditional liposuction and tummy tucks, increasingly women and men are seeking less invasive alternatives to conventional body shaping techniques. Reasons most cited by patients selecting less invasive procedures include reduced downtime and less risk than conventional invasive procedures.

For example, traditional liposuction requires bulky tubes to suction away fat. The result is more pain, bruising, larger scars from incisions and a lengthy recovery period.

Smartlipo, known as laser lipolysis, laser liposuction and VASER Lipo, an innovative ultrasound technology, are two exceptional and popular alternatives to conventional liposuction – especially for those seeking a solution for troublesome fatty areas without a drastic interruption in their lifestyle.

VASER Lipo is more suitable for larger fatty areas. Ultrasonic energy targets fat tissue, emulsifies it, and through gentle suction and massage, the fat is removed from the body. Because the ultrasound is tissue selective, other tissue such as connective tissue, nerves, and veins are left intact.

Both Smartlipo and VASER Lipo are performed at Dr. Rodriguez’s new Houston clinic and do not require a general anesthetic such as used in conventional liposuction. This means a more rapid recovery without painful or potentially dangerous side effects associated with more invasive procedures.
Dr. Rodriguez is a member of The French Society of Mesotherapy and has over seven years of experience implementing the Mesotherapy procedure. He helped introduce the technique to the United State and was featured by Barbara Walters on ABC News 20/20 in 2003.

Smart Lipo (SmartLipo) Is Gentler Than Traditional Liposuction

Smart Lipo (Smartlipo) is gentler than traditional liposuction. Most doctors state patients have less blood loss, down time and only need a local anesthetic. The biggest bonus appears to be that Smartlipo promotes skin tightening. Within the next 6-8 weeks, the skin and surrounding areas will remodel and adjust to the body contour. This is a gradual process and the best results are seen after 2 months. The downtime is minimal and the patient can usually return to work within 24 hours.

Smart Lipo Costs

The SmartLipo (Smart Lipo) cost will depend on the size of the area being treated and the number of areas treated in one session. Price is something that you will need to work out with your physician at the time of your consultation. Costs can range from $3000-$4000 for an area.