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The Importance Of Finding The Right Cosmetic Surgeon

If you are contemplating having cosmetic surgery done, the most important decision you will make is choosing a reliable cosmetic surgeon. If you want to rule out possible complications arising out of a cosmetic surgery procedure or want to minimize risks, you need to choose a trustworthy, reliable and qualified cosmetic surgeon. Given below are a few reasons why it is important to choose the right cosmetic surgeon.

1. Cosmetic surgery involves complex medical procedures and has to be carried out under the supervision of a reliable surgeon. These surgeons need to have a medical license to practice their art. A whole lot of training is required to be a good cosmetic surgeon. If you find one with such qualities, you know he or she will be more reliable than others.

2. Among different types of cosmetic medical treatments available is mesotherapy. It is a non-surgical treatment that involves homeopathic medications and so on. Mesotherapy employs multiple pharmaceutical injections that are commonly given to target fat cells. Carrying out complicated treatments like Mesotherapy does not require a surgeon but does require qualified specialists trained in the field and highly reliable at that.

3. To remove fat from different sections of the body, lipoplasty or liposuction is carried out by a surgeon. It is a skilled procedure and requires a reliable surgeon to carry it out. Many people misunderstand it to be a cheap alternative to diets and exercises, however the fact is far from it. The amount of fat removed through liposuction varies from one person to another.

4. Laser liposuction is a brand name for Smart Lipo. Smartlipo is a modern technique that is commonly employed to remove excess fat. Smart Lipo involves a small amount of risk. Laser liposuction can be carried out in different regions of the body like the arms, neck, face, knees, breasts, flabby skin and so on. Smart Lipo has been recognized as a releatively safe cosmetic procedure. The benefits associated with laser liposuction are also huge. In addition to losing extra fat, your looks will improve, and your skin will start to tighten. However, lipo procedures need to be strictly carried out by a reliable surgeon only.

5. Lipodissolve is yet another non surgical procedure done on patients to remove fat cells. According to many, Lipo dissolve is a non-surgical alternative method to liposuction. It is one of the most commonly employed cosmetic procedures in the United States. Lipo dissolve involves injecting medicines that will help in melting away unwanted fats. Lipodissolve do not require a surgeon but should be performed by specialists trained in this procedure.

6. Most of the procedures associated with surgical and non surgical fat removal require precise training. Always seek the advice of a qualified cosmetic surgeon or specialist.

Tucson Mesotherapy Specialist Joins

Tucson mesotherapy and lipodissolve specialist, Immune Recovery and Wellness, located in Tucson, Arizona, offers mesotherapy, lipodissolve, Botox and immune therapy. Roberta Shepard-Mardocco is considered one of the top specialists in her field in the areas of mesotherapy and lipodissolve.  For  a FREE consultation, call 520-751-0100.

Lipodissolve Offered In San Fernando Valley, Encino California

Dr Dwight HiscoxDr Dwight Hiscox is medical director of Flash Laser Aesthetics, located in the San Fernado Valley in Encino California. Flash Laser Aesthetics is a group of highly trained medical professionals. They use cutting edge technology to offer a wide ranges of quick and easy treatments for a variety of conditions such as lipodissolve and mesotherapy for cellulite removal, sun damaged skin, facial wrinkles, brown spots rosacea, laser hair removal and unsightly spider veins.

Velashape & Velasmooth Fight Cellulite

Approximately 80% of all women have cellulite in some form or another.   Velashape, one of the latest cosmetic procedures to fight cellulite,  was developed by a company called Syneron, who also developed Velasmooth.  Velashape has been featured on the Rachel Ray Show and on Dr. Phil. Velashape works in a similar fashion to Velasmooth.  Using infrared light, massage and a vaccuuming technique, it erases the fatty deposits under the skin that cause ugly cellulite. It is a safe, non invasive technology with a rapid recovery time for people.

Natura Medspa & Laser Center, located in Parkland,  Florida,  specializes in Velashape and Velasmooth.

Women Believe Cosmetic Surgery Contributes To Job Success

According to a telephone survey compiled by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), of 756 women between the ages of 18 and 64, many reveal cosmetic plastic surgery procedures now appear to be an important rung on the success ladder.

13 percent (more than 1 out of 10 of the 115-million working-age women) say they would consider having a cosmetic medical procedure specifically to make them more confident and more competitive in the job market.

3 percent (nearly 3.5-million working women) say they’ve already had a cosmetic procedure to increase their perceived value in the workplace.

73 percent (almost three out of four or, 84-million working women) believe, particularly in these challenging economic times, appearance and youthful looks play a part in getting hired, getting a promotion, or getting new clients.

80 percent (four out of five or 92-million working women) think having cosmetic medical procedures can boost a person’s confidence.

John Canady, MD, president of ASPS, says, “Consumers need to remember that while cosmetic procedures might help them in the job market, they’re still medical procedures.” Canady says women still need to proceed with caution. “Patient safety is ASPS’ number one concern. Women need to do their homework.

Lipo Ex Now Available In Lake Worth Florida

Lipo Ex Specialists, Laser Skin Solutions,  located in Lake Worth, Florida, now offer a radio frequency  fat removal procedure called Lipo Ex.  Lipo-Ex™ is the next generation technology that offers an effective non-surgical, no downtime and painless treatment for Cellulite and Body Contouring. Lipo-Ex™ is a simple technique using bi-polar radio frequency to increase the body’s core temperature to dissolve fat cells without affecting any other structures in the body. In essence, it melts fat and eliminates it through the body’s natural elimination processes.

Lipo-Ex™ feels like a hot stone massage while it contours, shapes and slims the body. Many patients actually fall asleep during treatment.

 Lipo-Ex™ is the first technology to ever melt the unhealthy and dangerous visceral fat located behind the muscle wall. CT scans, body circumference and weight measurements confirm that Lipo-Ex™ offers a reduction of 2-3 inches and up to 10 lbs, in just 6-8 weekly treatments.

What Is Lipo EX? has recently add Lipo Ex as one of the many fat removal procedures being offered today. Lipo-Ex is a painless, non-surgical fat removal technique that uses bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy to heat up tissue and melt away the fat beneath the skin. The tissues are gently warmed and massaged and heated slowly and gradually, at a low temperature. The melted fat is removed by the body’s lymphatic system through natural processes of elimination. This non-invasive procedure is designed to safely increase your body’s core temperature just enough to dissolve fat cells without affecting any other structures in your body. It is done with no downtime and no recovery time.