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Smartlipo – How Smart Is This Laser Liposuction Procedure?

Smart Lipo, a brand name for laser liposuction, has become an extremely popular procedure that surgeons now use in their arsenal of fat removal techniques. Smartlipo has become popular among patients because it allows the surgeon to precisely sculpt the body. Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive laser lipo procedure which is almost always performed under local anesthesia, resulting in less bruising and minimal downtime following surgery. Smartlipo combines the use of the fiberoptic laser and small liposuction cannulas. Because the Smartlipo procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the patient can return to work and assume their daily activities usually the next day.

SmartLipo uses specialized laser technology to permanently remove fat cells in order to contour and reshape areas of the body including areas such as the abdomen, love handles, backs, thighs, hips, knees, arms, neck, and chin.

Smartlipo uses a very small fiberoptic laser, which leaves tiny, virtually invisible scars after surgery. Smartlipo also tightens the skin in addition to melting fat and it is the skin tightening that is what distinguishes Smartlipo from other traditional liposuction methods. When using traditional liposuction, removal of large amounts of fat can result in sagging skin. With Smartlipo, the specific laser wavelengths of light coagulate the blood vessels, so there is minimal bruising and swelling resulting in less risks for the patient and faster recovery time. Using Smartlipo also allows the skin to tighten after the excess fat is removed. The tightening will occur gradually over time, usually over 4- 6 weeks, resulting in smoother skin and a more sculpted appearance.

Many other features distinguish SmartLipo from traditional liposuction. These features include the patients comfort, the number of of visits required, recovery time and the amount of scarring and bruising. Traditional liposuction requires about seven days of down time after the procedure, uses general anesthesia which carries a high risk to the patient, the wearing of a compression garment for six weeks, stitches and can require additional surgery. SmartLipo, as opposed to traditional liposuction, uses local anesthesia,  requres only one to two days of down time, leaves virtually no scarring, requires no stitches and only two weeks for compression garments.

Please note that although SmartLipo is highly effective, it is only appropriate for patients wishing to lose small amounts of fat, usually not more than 8 pounds. If you have larger amounts of fat that need to be removed, SmartLipo will not provide the desired result you may be looking for. In cases where large amounts of fat need to be removed, traditional liposuction or an alternative method for weight loss is required.

How much does SmartLipo Cost? The average Smartlipo cost is usually in the range of $2,500 to $5,000 per area depending on the surgeon and can usually be performed in one office visit.

SmartLipo is not for everyone and only a consultation with a qualified surgeon can help you decide whether SmartLipo is right for you.

Mesotherapy – How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Most everyone would like an attractive slim and trim figure despite their age or gender. Nevertheless, one’s eating habits combined with stress and tension caused by a modern hectic lifestyle leads to the deposition of unwanted body fat. This not only increases one’s body weight but also spoils the shape of the body. The fat is deposited mostly in the lower parts of the body – the abdomen area, buttocks and thighs. The round and protruded belly gives an awkward look to one’s appearance. There are many types of treatments available for getting rid of the unwanted belly fat but mesotherapy is one of the best and fastest ways to get rid of it and regain an attractive appearance.

Mesotherapy treatment is the safest way of getting rid of belly fat because this treatment does not require any kind of surgical process. Moreover, mesotherapy treatment involves reduction of fat with the help of natural products so there is no fear of side effects. If you are suffering from the problem of belly fat and want to get rid of it without undergoing any type of surgery or disturbing your daily routine then the best option is to choose mesotherapy as you will be able to continue with your daily lifestyle while the treatment is going on. Mesotherapy treatment originated in France and has become so popular that now people all over the world prefer this treatment to get rid of the most common problem that is, belly fat.

In mesotherapy, an injection containing homeopathic medicines or medicines prepared from extracts of plants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids injected in the mesoderm or the fatty layer under the skin. This helps to eradicate the fat deposits in a natural way. Mesotherapy also acts on the fiber of the connective tissues that have the tendency of trapping the fat cells and forming cellulite. Thus, there is more benefit than the simple procedure of fat reduction in mesotherapy. It not only melts the fat with the help of the injected medicines but also provides permanent results in the way of cellulite reduction. Mesotherapy is a painless process of quickly reducing belly fat, and patients should notice continued fat reduction after undergoing the second or third treatment.

Mesotherapy does not require recovery time. Injections are administered with local anesthesia and you will be able to continue with your daily routine from the moment you get the injections and come out of the treatment centre. Also, unlike other fat removal procedures, the natural fat decreasing process in mesotherapy does not leave pockets where fat can accumulate at later stages when the treatment period ends. Mesotherapy is the most affordable, time saving, and painless way of eliminating belly fat without having the ugly scars or marks on the skin normally left behind in other types of surgical methods.

Laser Liposuction and Its Benefits

Laser liposuction is a cutting edge technological development over traditional liposuction. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove extra fat from the body and to regain a slim and trim figure. Although this form of cosmetic surgery has been in use for nearly thirty years, the new laser liposuction (laser lipo) procedure has advantages over the older, more traditional surgical procedure. In this modern age, scientific and technological development has brought about great changes in traditional liposuction by the introduction of the laser. This has made the process of removing excess body fat easier and less painful than what it was a few years back. The new laser lipo technique is less painful and does not leave behind any scars that are normally associated with this kind of surgery.

The laser liposuction procedure is very simple and convenient. The doctor inserts a small probe or cannula that contains laser fiber of low energy into the targeted area. The energy in the probe melts the fat cells and destroys them. Afterwards, the melted, destroyed fat cells are removed from the body first by drainage or squeezing out from the small hole left by the probe and second, the remaining small amount of melted fat is absorbed and excreted by the body naturally. The laser energy does not cause any type of damage to the surrounding tissues. The laser liposuction procedure for a single area takes about an hour’s time and the whole process takes place under local anesthesia so the recovery time is less than traditional liposuction surgery. Moreover, less scarring has made laser liposuction the favorite choice for removal of facial fat – especially in the chin area.

The main advantage of laser liposuction is that it requires no incisions that are normally required for other types of liposuction surgeries. Only a small hole is left from the entry of the cannula. Therefore, the recovery time in laser liposuction is only two days as compared to other surgeries that require nearly two weeks’ time for recovery. Moreover, maintaining the safety of the adjoining tissues does not cause other types of complications that may arise in surgeries done with incisions. Another benefit of laser liposuction is the harmful effects of anesthesia are minimized. Laser liposuction only requires the application of local anesthesia in the targeted area. This is enough to perform the surgery whereas in other types of liposuction or cosmetic surgery general anesthesia is required.

Laser liposuction has many benefits over traditional liposuction. A person can easily lead a normal and healthy life immediately after undergoing laser liposuction surgery. The recovery time in laser liposuction is faster and is less painful because there are no incisions or stitches as are required in traditional liposuction and other types of surgeries. The fact that there are no incisions involved also helps to reduce the other risks and complications that can often occur with normal surgeries. The problem of loose skin does not arise after laser liposuction because there is no tearing of the fat cells due to the insertion of steel tubes and the suction involved with traditional liposuction. There is also less bleeding and pain in laser liposuction