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Laser Liposuction Doctor Uses Zerona Laser Scanner to Successfully Remove Fat

Thomas E. Young, M.D.

Thomas E. Young, M.D.

Laser liposuction and SmartLipo expert, Dr. Thomas E. Young of Young Medical Spa, has had  successful results using  Zerona to remove fat.

The Zerona Erchonia Laser Scanner uses five low level lasers to painlessly liquefy the fat cells in the abdomen and thighs without making a single incision.

“It will pass through the skin and hit the fat cell…it makes the fat cell open up a little bit,” said Dr. Thomas E. Young. “That lets the fat out and the body takes that liquid fat that came out of the fat cell and clears it out.”

Since the laser just “opens up” cells, Dr. Young says patients must undergo a post-op regimen that includes vitamins, increased water consumption, cardio exercise and a reduced-fat diet to get the best results.

Laser Liposuction Liquefies Fat. Watch Video

Dr. Young goes on to say that the procedure is only 80 percent effective. But Daneen Newsome is thrilled with her results. She went from a size 4 to a size 2 after undergoing the procedure.

“There is work on your end that you have to do, but if you do it, it’s well worth it,” Newsome said.

Still, not everyone is convinced. Dr. Eric Bernstein says he’s intrigued by the laser treatment, but that more research on their effectiveness needs to be done.

“I have yet to see a convincing peer reviewed controlled study demonstrating that it’s effective,” he said.

Zerona’s manufacturer says the treatment results in an average loss of 3.6 inches from the legs or buttocks. It costs about $2,500 for six sessions.

Thomas E. Young, MD is the owner and operator of Young Medical Spa located in the beautiful Saucon Valley area of the Lehigh Valley near Allentown Pennsylvania. contributed to this story.

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Sammy Sosa Before and After Photos Show Light Skin Similar to Michael Jackson

Retired MLB outfielder, Sammy Sosa has been in the news recently due to a noticeable change in his skin color. His pale skin has many speculating that he is receiving a similar cosmetic treatment to that of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Sammy Sosa before and after pictures show noticable skin lightening

Sammy Sosa before and after pictures show noticeable skin lightening

“He is going through a rejuvenation process for his skin,” Chicago Cubs employee Rebecca Polihronis told the Chicago Tribune. “He was surprised he came out looking so white.”

Sosa, 40,  was photographed showing his skin obviously paler than normal on Nov. 4 at an awards event in Las Vegas, leading to questions as to whether he he may have Vitiligo.

Some suspected his lighter complexion is tied to purported steroid use. Sosa was reportedly included in a list of 103 players who failed a voluntary drug test in 2003.

Polihronis insisted the camera added 10 units of brightness.

“People who saw him in person did not react the same way. He can’t believe it is such a big deal,” she said. “He is not trying to be Michael Jackson.”

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Plastic Surgeon Ralph Newsome Found Stabbed to Death

Dr. Ralph Newsome

Dr. Ralph Newsome

NEW ORLEANS – Plastic surgeon, Ralph Newsome 45, was stabbed to death Saturday night. According to authorities an arsonist then lit his French Quarter home on fire in an attempt to cover evidence.

Edwin Holmes, a spokesman for the New Orleans Fire Department said firefighters found the body on the second floor after breaking into the  home about 3 a.m.

Investigators found flammable liquid, probably gasoline, that may have been used to start and spread the flames, Holmes said.

Newsome was a prominent plastic and reconstructive surgeon known for healing the disfigured limbs and facial features of trauma victims and skin cancer patients. He was an instructor, at Tulane University’s School of Medicine.

Doctor Douglas Slakey, the chairman of surgery at Tulane Hospital says “I’ve never seen a more committed physician. He dealt with patients with cancer for reconstruction with birth defects. He was so devoted to his patients and improving their quality. He was one of the truly committed. He was back in his home in french quarter immediately after the flood and he worked tirelessly to bring healthcare to New Orleans. I’ve never seen a more committed person who really embodied what we all love about New Orleans. The enthusiasm the love, the commitment.”