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Lipodissolve vs Liposuction

By Charlene Nuble

In one corner, we have lipodissolve. Lipodissolve is the injection of serums to regulate those pesky fats that simply won’t go away. In the other corner, we have liposuction. Liposuction is the sucking out of these fats in a quick process that can be compared to a vacuum.

A person has a right to choose. This involves the decision on what she wants to do with her body. If she feels that lipodissolve or liposuction is the way to go, then she has the freedom to do so. This article will present the 411s on both processes to make it easier for the woman to make her decision.


If the person has a couple of medical conditions, she must consult her doctor first and ask whether it is safe for her to go through the procedure.

  • if she has active cancer
  • if she has just went through surgery
  • if she has HIV
  • if she has Hepatitis C
  • if she has any form of kidney or liver disease
  • if she has bleeding disorders
  • if she is pregnant
  • if she is nursing

If one chooses to go through the procedure, here are some important points to remember:

  1. Do not engage in any form of strenuous or vigorous activity 48 hours after the procedure.
  2. People who have gone through lipodissolve do not need much bed rest. They can get up and go to work and proceed in their daily itinerary. This is why most people favor this procedure.
  3. Women who have just given birth opt for lipodissolve because one of the target areas of this procedure is the stubborn fat like lower abs.
  4. If you think only women can benefit from this process, think again. Turns out men are also signing up for lipodissolve to reduce the stubborn fat from their chins, chests and love handles.
  5. The difference of lipodissolve from other surgeries is that it does not require anesthesia. Also there is no downtime. The patient can just pick up with his schedule right from the minute he left.
  6. Each treatment takes less than an hour, therefore earning the nickname “lunchtime lipo.”
  7. As for the results, it varies from person to person. Normally, it takes nine treatments to see the best results.
  8. You must be 18 years old for this procedure.
  9. Normally, some areas will be painful. A minor burning sensation follows right after the treatment. Soreness and inflammation may occur after the procedure.
  10. The goal of lipodissolve is for the client to have his unwanted fat removed. As the fat dissolves, the targeted areas appear tighter and leaner than usual, making the total perception of the client’s body lean and muscular and toned.


Liposuction sculpts the body in the manner that the person wants to be sculpted. Fats from specific areas are removed. Usually, these are the fats located in the upper arms, the chin, cheeks and neck.

A number of people are gearing up for liposuction and has even been considered to be good hygiene. For the past decade, liposuction is popular and is considered to be a normal procedure to sign up for.

If a person opts for liposuction, he or she must be responsible enough to approach his doctor whether this is the best way to go or not. Doctors advice always matters.

Remember to:

  1. Plan out your surgery.
  2. Ask the important questions such as the side effects and the costs.
  3. Follow your surgeons’ tips and do whatever is asked of you prior to your surgery date.

Whatever the person chooses, lipodissolve or liposuction, these procedures involve responsibility. Coping with these cosmetic surgeries can not only affect their physical welfare but also their mental and emotional state.

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