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Life After Liposuction

By A Aaronson

Here is a nightmare scenario - You get the liposuction done, strut out of the doctor's office admiring yourself in the full length mirrors, and then a few months later the flab comes back with a vengeance! You got the work done, now why isn't it working?

Making your liposuction a success depends on how you take care of your new body following the operation. First, you have to make sure you recover the right way. But even more importantly, you've got to create a success plan for the new you. Here is the way to do it!

Listen To Your Doctor
You want to recover right, and the way to do it is to follow your doctor's orders. The healing process can take a while, so be patient. There may be drainage tubes, special garments, and medications at first. Use them exactly as your doctor instructs you to, and if there are any problems go back.

In about a month you will be pretty much back to normal. There may be pain, swelling, and hardening of the incisions, but all of this is normal. Recovery times vary according to individuals, so keep in touch with the doctor.

Success Plan For the New You
After you've recovered from the operation, there is a bigger job to do. Now, you must make a plan to keep the weight off.

Get a good picture of yourself pre-liposuction, one that you are embarrassed to look at. Put it somewhere beside your scale in the bathroom, and promise yourself that you will never return to that!

After liposuction, you have to make sure you eat right. Watch out for fatty foods, sugar and too much salt. Our traditional diet is loaded with these, and they are loaded with fat, which will get you loaded with flab all over again.

Watch your portion sizes. Meat is good for you, but you don't need a hamburger the size of your head. Don't just think about size, but also what you eat. We never get enough green vegetables. When you get a snack attack, go for something healthy like a fruit snack.

Don't binge eat, and most of all, keep tabs on your weight over time. It can creep up on you!
Here's one more idea - Get a gym membership. At the gym there are tons of different things you can do. It's just a matter of finding something that you enjoy, and then enjoy the heck out of it. Gym memberships can be expensive, so get your money's worth!

If you don't have time for the gym, you can always walk. Walking is a simple way to keep yourself trim, and in our car-driven society we never quite get enough.

Liposuction is an effective way to get rid of fat, but it's just cosmetic. Don't think of your liposuction as a solution; think of it as a commitment. It does not have to be the end of the journey to your attractive new figure, but the beginning of a new road to permanent results.

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