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Beach-Ready Liposuction

By A Aaronson

Attaining the perfect beach body isn't easy and for many people it might just be impossible. No matter how much you sweat it out with exercise and follow a healthy diet, you can't alter genetics and the effects of time. As you age your skin loses elasticity and your metabolism slows, making it that much more difficult to reach your physical goals.

Even in youth our bodies are preprogrammed to store fat in areas that may not be to our liking. So what options does a fit, healthy person have if those love handles or that stomach flab just won't disappear? One effective and long-term solution to a flawlessly sculpted physique is liposuction.

This procedure is able to target problem areas that are resistant to aerobics, weight lifting, or just plain dieting. Not only does it smooth bulges, creating smooth, appealing body contours, but it helps keep your body looking that way forever. As long as you maintain in reasonably good physical condition, that unsightly flab will not develop in treated areas again.

There are a few different methods of liposuction performed today, but one of the most common is the wet technique. During this procedure, the body is injected with fluids to help loosen up fat cells and minimizing trauma to the body. A small incision is made and camouflaged as well as possible within the natural lines of the body.

A hollow tube called a cannula is then inserted into the body and moved back and forth through the fat layer, vacuuming up excess cells. Generally only a small amount of fat is removed, so it is important to remember that this is not a weight loss method; however, the plastic surgeon is able to sculpt the area, making your body look leaner and sleeker.

Recovery from liposuction varies by individual and depends on the extent of the plastic surgery. Small areas will require one to two weeks of rest with some mile bruising and tenderness. Larger areas or multiple areas may require longer recovery periods. For the first few days after the plastic surgery, compression garments often need to be worn for maximum healing.

In some cases, there will be some natural drainage occurring from the incision site. Results will gradually reveal themselves over the first few weeks, but it may take up to six months for the skin to fully tighten. As with any plastic surgery, there are risks involved. These include bleeding, skin necrosis, infection, and uneven contour. Choosing a board certified and well qualified plastic surgeon can help minimize the occurrence of these risks.

Liposuction can be used virtually anywhere on the body and is often combined with other plastic surgery procedures to maximize results and combine recovery periods. Common procedures performed simultaneously include tummy tucks, thigh lifts, arm lifts, or facial injections.

Some of the most popularly requested areas to treat are the stomach, love handles, and below the chin; however, liposuction can even be used in areas such as the knees, ankles, inner and outer thighs, and the lower arms.

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