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MesoSculpting: Mesotherapy for Eliminating Fat

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Isolate "Love Handles," "Bra Bulge," "Saddle Bags," "Tummy Bulge. "Mesotherapy directly attacks areas of unsightly fat without the excessiveness of liposuction

We all know what liposuction is and what it involves. Your interest in looking your best that brought you to this website has probably also led you to watch those programs on television where plastic surgery procedures are examined. If you have seen the Liposuction program it is no wonder you are seeking an alternative!

So what about the MesoSculpting.

Mesotherapy can be perfectly suited to the patient who has small areas of unsightly fat that they wish to remove. Targeted areas are flappy upper arms, double chin, fatty neck, the "love handles," of the hip and abdomen areas, the "bra bulge" of the upper torso, the thighs, and those puffy eyes.

Since the injections use small needles, a great degree of precise can be exercised by the physician in getting at those "difficulty" spots that do not respond to exercise or diet.

MesoSculpting Fixes Those Weird Lipobulges

Some people who have had liposculpture have lost the fat they had, but when they regain some weight they noticed that fat bulges appeared in strange areas. This is because fat cells were removed during the liposuction and your body's store of fat has to be kept somewhere! Mesotherapy can be very effective at getting rid of these Lipo-Induced Bulges (LIBs)

The Treatment

How can tiny needles, the size of an eyelash basically, do work similar to the knives, pumps, and vacuums of Liposuction?

Dependant on the needs of the patients, the mesotherapy provider will mix a solution that can include such fat dissolving substances as phosphatidylcholine , carnitine and aminophylline . The injections are then given directly, with a great deal of precision, to the area the patient wants treated.

What is Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is the use of phosphatidylcholine to dissolve or shrink pockets of fat developed independently of mesotherapy in Europe and Latin America. Once arriving in the U.S. the two treatments merged under mesotherapy. Some practitioners prefer to refer to the two treatments separately. The use of lipodissolve or mesotherapy to achieve bodysculpting is frequently done at a slightly deeper level than standard mesotherapy.

Get Off The Scale and Grab A Tape Measure

Depending on the patient the number of treatments, duration of treatment, number of injections will vary. On average, anywhere from 5 - 15 treatments are needed, one treatment every week or two, to view visible results. The best results are archieved when a healthy lifestyle and diet are practiced in conjunction with MesoSculpting. MesoSculpting results are measured in inches, so grab a tape measure!

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