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Are the Mesotherapy Injections Painful?

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There are many ways your physicians can limit any pain you may feel during the procedure. If you do not tolerate injections well, discuss this prior to mesotherapy treatments with your physician. They can offer many ways to minimalize any discomfort including the use of anesthetic creams (numbing creams) or other pain-relief aids. Usually these have the effect of making the treatment virtually pain free.

Even without anesthetic creams and numbing agents, mesotherapy injections are usually do not cause excessive discomfort. The needles used in the treatment are ultra small, thin needles because the mesotherapy solutions need only penetrate into the mesoderm layer of skin. (Just below the skin surface. This is why Mesotherapy injections are sometimes called "Micro Injections")

Most clinicians pinch the skin as the injection is given to further reduce any discomfort.

An experienced clinician will be able to perform the injections very quickly, this too will help minimalize and discomfort.

Any concerns you have about the injections should be discussed with a physician.

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