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Mesotherapy Before And After

By Jason Gluckman

Most mesotherapy practitioners claim remarkable results in treating cellulite, localized fat deposits and wrinkles. There are numerous patient testimonials of successful treatment and mesotherapy before and after photos and pictures on mesotherapy clinic websites. For cellulite, results may be seen in as little as four weeks, and by the time treatment is completed, patients may have lost between two to four inches from the body area being treated. Similarly, for localized fat loss such as in love handles and other problem areas, approximately ten treatments can result in the loss of two to six inches. However, there is wide variation in how soon results may be seen, depending on which body area is being treated. There may also be considerable variation between people who are having the same body area treated. For cellulite and mesolifts, or facelifts with mesotherapy, patients are typically advised to return for maintenance treatment every six months to a year after the initial treatment is completed.

The majority of mesotherapists point out that fat reduction results can only be maintained through exercise and a healthy diet. Mesotherapy treatments typically extend over two to six months, a length of time that is adequate for results from healthy lifestyle changes to become visible.

Results with mesotherapy are gradual, as small areas are targeted over a period of time to eventually have a cumulative effect. On the other hand, results with plastic surgery such as liposuction are immediately visible, and may be quite dramatic. For this reason, ‘Before and After’ photos of people who have undergone mesotherapy may have more subtle differences between them than one would expect to see with plastic surgery.

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