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Mesotherapy: Look and Feel Younger

By Jason Montag

Mesotherapy is something that a lot of people are now looking into to eliminate their cellulite and to help their blood flow and rejuvenate their skin. Many people will start the procedures when they are relatively young so that they can prevent wrinkles. The vitamins and antioxidants in the injections help to stimulate the skill cells and force them to produce more collagen and elastin. There are some amazing claims and some wonderful success stories we have heard for mesotherapy with regard to repeated treatments to the face, neck, hands and arms. One thing about the procedure, if you are using to help prevent wrinkles and similar things, it will have to be done every three to six months for the results to be achieved.

Some people that are looking into possibly having mesotherapy done ask how long before they see results. The answer is that all bodies are different and some work faster than others. The consensus seems to be two to three sessions to see the best results but can actually sometimes be seen instantly.

Pain is something that very few people enjoy so the common questions that people researching mesotherapy ask are if it is painful. The procedure is said to be completely painless. Some doctors use topical anesthetic and some use nitrous oxide.

The last area we want to cover is the questions about side effects. To the best of our research the main side effect of mesotherapy is a bit of bruising. The bruising tends to take care of itself within a week and there are some over the counter medications that can speed it up.

If you are seriously considering getting mesotherapy we recommend that you consult with your doctor once you have completed your research. Once you know what the procedure entails and what you can expect to gain from it you will be in a better position to decide if mesotherapy is for you.

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