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The 'New Lipo' Uses Lasers

Some Doctors Say It Works Better Than Traditional Liposuction but Isn't a Magic Bullet

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Smart Lipo: A new look without pain or recovery time

A new cosmetic procedure is being billed as new and improved liposuction. It's called Smart Lipo. , and doctors who perform it say it melts fat, tightens skin and that's not all. Added benefits of SmartLipo. include less, or no pain, and a much faster recovery time.

Read Full Story: - Smart Lipo: A new look without pain or recovery time

A New Lipo Called 'SmartLipo' By Amber Rupinta

(08/20/07 -- FAYETTEVILLE) - Melting away fat is something a lot of people dream about and it's exactly why many people are flocking to Fayetteville. A doctor there is the only one in central N.C. performing a new laser lipo

Read Full Story: A New Lipo Called 'SmartLipo'

Introducing The Ultimate Body Reshaping Treatment

Edmonton, Alberta Canada – Age Reversing Dermatology™ Medical and Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Center in Edmonton was one of the first cosmetic surgery centers in Canada to offer Smart Lipo, laser liposuction --an innovative, laser-powered twist on traditional liposuction that not only melts stubborn body fat like butter, but it also thermally-tightens areas of loose skin. Now Age Reversing Dermatology™ is 'taking it up another notch' by upgrading to make their SmartLipo™ body sculpting laser even more efficient at dissolving pockets of fat, and almost twice as fast as before.- so effective it is the ultimate body sculpting procedure.

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Lasers simplify liposuction and its recovery

We've all seen cosmetic surgery shows on TV: doctors using the surgical equivalent of a vacuum cleaner to suck unwanted fat from patients chins, thighs, tummies — really, any body part.

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Gloria Diaz finally gets a lift

The first ever Miss Universe titleholder from this side of Asia (she won in 1969 at the same time astronaut Neil Armstrong, made history as the first man to walk on the surface of the moon) remains one of the country’s prettiest faces and most glamorous.

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Laser Assisted Lipo Melts Fat By Anita Brikman

August 2, 2007 - Liposuction really does get rid of fat. But the down time, the need for general anesthesia, and an uncomfortable recovery drive some potential patients away. Laser Assisted Lipo Melts Fat


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